Vitamin B Supplements – Benefits The importance of Nutrition

Vitamin B Supplements: It is very essential to supply different varieties of vitamins for the body organs to work well. The importance of Nutrition is only realised when the body is facing shortage of it.

Vitamin B is one of the most important elements to keep the cell growth going and maintain good eyesight. Apart from this, it results in healthy brain function and excellent muscle tone.

  • Vitamins are very essential for women and men alike. Particularly for pregnant ladies, vitamin bi helps in the development of foetus and avoid the risk of birth defects. Not only this, vitamin B elevates the energy levels and helps in developing more immunity during the pregnancy period.

  • Vitamin B for men can naturally help in muscular growth and increase the overall human strength. There are studies that confirm the claim of reducing vitamin B levels because of the aging effect.

The recommended routine dose for vitamin B varies from one person to another. The recommended daily dose Ranges somewhere between 1.1 milligrams – 2.4 gram in female. The recommended dosage for men also remains in the above mentioned range. It would be better if you confirm the same from your physician.

Pregnant ladies require a higher amount of vitamin B. Your doctor can provide the correct dose of Vitamin that you should consume. Certain health conditions can prevent body from absorbing vitamin B. In case you have been suffering from the following diseases, you might face vitamin B deficiency.

    • HIV AIDS 
    • Kidney problem
    • Ulcerative colitis 
    • Alcohol dependence
  • Majority of the people can acquire vitamin B by eating a balanced diet. Somehow, if you are not having sufficient nutrients in your routine food, it is quite possible for you to face the deficiency of Vitamin B that can give birth to the following symptoms.

If you are permanently facing any of the following symptoms, a better idea would be to fix an appointment with your doctor and get vitamin B deficiency detected. Your doctor will diagnose the problem by conducting a couple of tests and physical examination.

    • Skin rashes 
    • Cracks 
    • Anaemia
    • Confusion 
    • Irritability 
    • Abdominal cramps 
    • Constipation
    • Numbness 
    • Swollen tongue

If you cannot manage to consume vitamin B naturally, try to consume vitamin B supplements that can keep you healthy and away from any deficiencies. Somehow, avoid consuming them for long term.

    • Milk
    • Dark green vegetable
    • Avocado 
    • Potato 
    • whole grain cereal 
    • seeds and nuts 
    • banana
    • watermelon 
    • soya milk 
    • wheat germ 
    • citrus fruits 
    • kidney beans

Final words

Vitamin B deficiency can have the risk of Neuropsychiatric disorders. There have been instances when women deficient with Vitamin B gave birth to unhealthy babies. There are a lot of foods that consist of Vitamin B and you should include them in your daily diet.

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