DR. Jayaram Reddy

Dr. Jayaram Reddy

Consultant Transplant Surgeon

Pavan Kumar Rao N

Dr. Pavan Kumar Rao N

Consultant Nephrologist


Dr. Subramanyam

Consultant Nephrologist


For any kidney patients needing dialysis the permanent solution would be kidney transplant. With the survival on dialysis being poor and the immense morbidity the procedure endures on the patient and his family members, its ideal to recommend transplant to every dialysis patient unless contraindicated. Advances in renal sciences ,the medicines has made transplant surgery to a relatively safer procedure than a decade ago.

There are 2 types of kidney transplants: live and cadaver /deceased donor The results of both the kinds are similar and off late the organ donations from deceased donors has increased in Telangana state making it a major contributor.

  • Blood group match is required for donor and recipient in kidney transplant but the exceptions are Across Blood group transplant and Swap transplant which also provide an alternate way of doing the surgery.
  • Kidney transplant is a complex science where a foreign organ is made to identify as own through immunosuppression.
  • A meticulous preparation of the donor and recipient to prevent post operative infection and rejection is vital in the success of the program.
  • The role of a Nephrologist is very crucial in a successful transplant to achieve this balance of immunosuppression and health of the recipient.
  • We at Deccan Hospital have been successful in delivering an excellent result from over a decade.
  • We have performed over a 100 transplants of all kinds with extraordinary results.
  • We have an excellent Nephrology team comprising of Dr N Pavan Kumar Rao ,HOD ,Department of transplant sciences , and Dr SV Subrahmanyam,Senior Consultant Nephrologist both with abundant experience  and knowledge.
  • They have taken up some toughest of the transplants yielding positive results.
  • Their hard work and dedication is shown in their results ,their 1,5,10 yr graft and patient survivals are among the best in the country.
  • Dr Jaya Ramireddy ,Urology HOD Transplant sciences and his team, have helped us achieving this feat. A good quality life is every kidney patient’s right, we show them the door to enter this new lease of life, being by their side always.