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A pulmonologist is concerned itself with a medical disease concerning the respiratory tract. Occasionally, it is referred to as Pneumology and at times respirology. In some countries, it is at times referred to as chest medicine. Being a branch of internal medicine, it is related to intensive care medicine.

What is special about Deccan services?

Deccan knows the seriousness of the disease and has provided adequate facilities to ensure that the patient is well taken care of. The latest medical technology is made use of which is internally recognized for its efficient functioning.
What makes Deccan stand out in this sphere?
. Excellent laboratories for medical tests.
. Updated spirometry.. CT scanning and MRI facilities act as a useful diagnostic tool.. X-rays for the Chest.. Various medical personnel such as rehabilitation nurses, physical therapist and so forth.What makes Deccan stand out in this sphere?
Deccan believes in providing excellent medical care and pulmonary cure that will allow the patient to breathe as quickly as possible. Patients suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), pulmonary infections, asthma, and disorders. Individualized treatment is given much preference. Adequate attention is given to make sure that treatment suits the patient well. Much emphasis is given to critical care and sleep specialists ensure that the patient gets proper sleep. A comprehensive approach is adhered to improve the quality of the care.Why seek respiratory care at Deccan?
. The outpatient care meets the patient’s individual needs.
. In-patient care is on par, in fact, perhaps more focused vis-a-vis other corporate hospitals.. The Intensive Care Unit is well-equipped.. A multi-disciplinary approach is preferred.Infrastructure facilities:. 135 bedded multi-specialty hospital.. Modern equipment, latest equipment.

. 3 operation theatres with HEPA Filters Laminar air-flow and joint-less finishing inside.

. Latest techniques in operation theatre.

Why prefer Deccan pulmonologists?

Deccan pulmonologists are well-trained and experienced and are dedicated to the work whole-heartedly. They do not compromise on medical ethics or the treatment. The medical infrastructure is well-geared towards professional care. At Deccan one can be absolutely sure that one can breathe comfortably well and the feeling of being alive is there! You may be very close quarters to death, but you need not fear it as Deccan wastes no time in early recovery of the patient providing them immediate quality care.

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Dr. C.E Prasad MD(Pulmonology)
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