How To Naturally Fight With Body Heat?

It is hard to believe but excess levels of the body heat can disturb its normal functioning. It can result in a lot of hair fall apart from creating constant discomfort. The moment your temperature increases more than the permissible limit, it ends up creating some of the Other kinds of abnormalities.

  • It is quite common to have a high body temperature after the workout or during an intense physical activity. In a few places, the body temperature can also reach 100 degree Fahrenheit normal activity. The usual body temperature of a human body is expected to be around 98.6 F.

  • Drink Plenty Of Water : You don’t have to specifically drink cold water in order to reduce the body temperature. Just drinking normal temperature water from time to time is enough to ensure your well being. Apart from water, can also consume a different variety of beverages and fluids to avoid dehydration and body heat.
  • Get some cool air : In order to reduce body temperature, you can also move to a cooler surrounding so that the body naturally loses heat.
  • Take a bath : Taking a bath can also reduce the body temperature and relax the muscles.
  • Take rest :  After a heavy exercise, if your body catches hold of excess heat, make sure that you take some rest and let the normal body temperature come back.
  • Wear breathable clothes : Tight clothing not only creates discomfort but also upsurges body temperature. Besides, it can also hinder blood circulation that can be harmful from a long-term point of view. In order to maintain a normal body temperature, make sure that you choose to wear cotton clothes and avoid synthetic fabrics such as nylon and Georgette. Also, keep them loose so that proper blood circulation and air flow is possible.
  • Heat regulating Supplement : There are certain medicines that are produced out of plant extracts to give a cooling effect in the body. Particularly, cooling supplements made out of Primrose oil are effective in regulating the heat.
  • Get a health check-up done : High heat for a longer time span is not good for health. It can result in accompanying symptoms of Jaundice, confusion, Rapid heart rate and swelling in the body. A medical test will reveal the main cause behind high heat and the suggested remedies will help in regulating it.
  • Hot environment : It is quite natural for the body temperature to increase if you are exposed to direct sun or hot environment for a longer time span. Avoid exposing yourself to High heat and remain indoors to keep body temperature normal.
  • Menopause : During the condition of Menopause, the body of a person often experiences night sweats and discomforting hot temperatures. The hormonal changes are responsible for such a situation.

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