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Suffering from a cold, ordinary flu, cough, sinus is common occurrences and one experiences a lot of discomfort on account of these ailments. No doubt, some ailments require more medical attention and, therefore, Deccan does provide excellent general physicians, who are extremely competent enough to administer medicines and other forms of treatment that will ensure that the patient will feel better.

Attributes of Deccan General Physician:

. Well-qualified.

. High-competency levels.

. Total commitment to the profession.

. Friendly disposition towards patients.

Deccan Management role in General Medicine:

. To ensure adequate facility for treatment processes.

. The congenial atmosphere for work proficiency.

. Patient-friendly approach.

. Excellent room care facility.

. Well-disposed staff.

How does one rate Deccan General physician?

. Work consciously.

. Professional devotion.

. Well-monitoring of a patient.

. Commitment to patient well-being.

We simply cannot do without a general physician. He or she is the person who diagnosis initially and administers medication or treatment as far as possible. In case, he or she finds it difficult then the help of an expert surgeon is taken. The concept that is adhered to is the patient must recover without much discomfort. Diseases need to be treated at the earliest moment and it is essential, and this the Deccan general physician knows very well. The moment the patient enters Deccan, the general physician involves himself or herself in curing the patient as early as possible so that the disease does not spread further. In fact, early diagnosis is imperative for proper treatment that the person feels better.

Know Your Deccan General Physician:

It is important to know your Deccan general physician and this is easily possible as there is a personal rapport between the patient and the doctor. Also, the general physician is easily accessible and takes a personal interest in ensuring that the patient is as comfortable as possible in the hospital. Deccan is, undoubtedly, the hospital to approach if one falls ill. One will be cured in no time!

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Dr. Udai Lal MD(Internal Medicine)
Senior Consultant Physician & Diabetologist

Dr. Vamsee Krishna MD(Internal Medicine)
Consultant Physician & Diabetologist

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