Best Energy Drinks That Will Boost Your Mind

Majority of the people confuse best energy drinks with alcohol. Somehow, it is completely incorrect because energy drinks either have zero or negligible amount of alcohol present in them. Infact, some of the energy drinks just have fruit extracts to boost the energy on an instant basis.

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People need to keep up the Pace of life and for that they have to meet the deadlines by any means. Instead of feeling dull and bored, there has to be something that can kick out the energy immediately. Coffee is not the only solution every time and so there are the best energy drinks that can fuel up the body without delays. Here is the List of best energy drinks.

Red Bull

The top most energy drink in our list is Red Bull that sells more than 5387 billion cans every year. The Red Bull energy drink is available in 8 variants with different flavours, sugar and without sugar. There is a high dose of caffeine present in the energy drink to give immediate fuel to the brain.


People of India usually avoid spending much on energy drinks and for that reason there is Tzinga that has a price of just 20 rupees for 200ml. enjoy the blast of mango and strawberry with the lemon mint to awaken your senses.


Majority of the people do not know about any other energy drink apart from Red Bull. Somehow, Monster is also a good and a popular choice that you must try. The signature look of the energy drink and the vanilla flavour together gives Monster like energy.


The watery and energy restoring drink is manufactured by a French company that is based in Mumbai. There are plenty of Vitamins present in B’lue and it has zero caffeine content. Also, there are no preservatives and added colours that contribute towards a better health apart from giving an instant dose of energy to the body.

Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew is a very safe and the most commonly available energy drink.  Packed in neon coloured bottle, mountain dew has a pleasing taste with artificial flavours and colors. The citrus flavoured energy drink has around 30 variants of flavours available in only limited areas of India.

Cloud 9

The energy drink contains vitamin C, vitamin B, caffeine and taurine. The basic constituent of the energy drink is the Apple flavour that gives it a very nice taste. You can also avail the same energy drink in Raspberry, strawberry Blackberry, cherry and several other flavours.

Cafe Cuba

Almost the first energy drink of India is the carbonated coffee drink that can shoot the mental power within just half an hour.


Available in 7 flavourful tastes, the burn Berry energy drink is owned by Coca-Cola. The coffee flavoured beverage is a non carbonated drink and is not so easily available in the market.

Purchasing an energy drink should not have a whole sole motive to boost power on an immediate basis. You must also focus on the nutritional benefits that a drink can provide to the body.