7 Thing You Should Know This Before You Fast

No doubt fasting can help us to get rid of the sins and excess body weight fat at the same time. But did you know that it can also expose your body to a couple of unwanted things? Before trying to manipulate the natural system of the body, you should first learn things in detail.

Fasting is not a new thing to be admired. It is an age-old practice and has a central role play in several cultures and religions. Practicing abstinence from food and drink in several ways brings a lot of benefits to the body. Here are some hidden advantages of fasting that you should know.

  • Studies have indeed proven that people who are suffering from high risk of diabetes mast practice intermittent fasting to manage the blood sugar level. This will help in creating better insulin resistance and result in transporting of glucose from the bloodstream to different cells of the body.

  • People who have been constantly fighting with inflammation and infections choose the natural detoxification in the form of fasting. Practicing intermittent fasting for one month can give a strong body that can easily fight with several diseases.

  • Heart is The primary organ of the body and it can work better with the help of fasting. Fasting for more than 3 weeks can reduce the total cholesterol to fight with the possibility of coronary heart disease.

  • People who want an easy way to drop a few Pounds can practice fasting and practically survive on liquid food and drink. Practicing fasting for up to 24 weeks can help you to get rid of the majority fat from the body.

  • Fasting can increase the level of inner strength. According to a research conducted on 9 men , it was found that the ones who were fasting had better HGH production rate than the ones who did not fast.

  • Several resources and studies have proven that people who want to effectively improve their lifespan must practice fasting at least 4 times in one month. Even the researchers conducted on animals proved that fasting can increase the lifespan exorbitantly.

Alternate day fasting can block away the formation of tumours and beneficial help in treating cancer. The side effects of fasting are short-lived and Temporary in nature the majority of the time.

Somehow they are difficult to bear and people often break their fast because of discomfort and hunger. Fasting doesn’t necessarily mean you stay hungry all day long. You can also choose to survive on vegetables and fruits. Practice eating uncooked food and dry fruits to manage hunger.

 Different Types Of Fasting

    • Water fasting
    • Intermittent fasting 
    • Partial fasting
    • Calorie restriction
    • Juice fasting

Disadvantages Of Fasting

    • Low blood sugar level 
    • Muscular pain 
    • Fatigue
    • Tiredness