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Kidney ailment causes much concern not only to the patient, but to the close members of the family. One is in need of best kidney care at reasonable cost. Kidney dialysis is an expensive affair and many city hospitals charge heavy amounts. Patient deter on account of this to seek admission. Deccan knows this quite well, and the charges for kidney ailments are budget-friendly.

How does Deccan stand out in kidney treatment ?

We are into chronic kidney dialysis and acute kidney cases and also provide renal transplant services. The treatment is of extremely superior quality and chronic patients in the dialysis room will feel at ease on account of recreational facilities such as television for each bed. Hygenic environ while dialysis is on.

How do Deccan Nephrologists deal with Kidney patients ?

Patient is prepared before treatment. Deccan has the best Kidney infrastructure facilities, internationally acclaimed and the Kidney surgeons have international expertise to deal well with patient's kidney ailment. Congenital kidney problem and genetic kidney diseases are also dealt with expert medical attention. Patient is given utmost importance and will certainly feel reassured that he or she is in competent hands, not fearing for any uncalled for serious complications.


Why go in for Kidney care at Deccan ?

. Hygenic dialysis room with modern infrastructure.

. Friendly and easily accessible Nephrologists.

. Excellently trained staffing nurses.

. Aesthetically appealing ambiance that makes one feel healthy, even if sick.

Cost–effective Kidney care at Deccan

Apart from suffering from Kidney ailment, the patient is also worried about the cost and the pressure on the family budget. The chronic dialysis patient has to be treated regularly and naturally the cost incurred dialysis can be distressing at times. Deccan knows this and has made sure that the dialysis cost is well within the patient's reach. Getting admitted at Deccan need not be a major issue of concern as one can certainly afford the bill. The room stay is excellent and that too with budget-friendly touch in excellent décor and comfort.

Deccan stands apart in Kidney care Deccan has become a popular hospital for Kidney care and patients from far and wide come for treatment as Kidney treatment facilities are of high quality . In fact, Deccan wants to expand its Kidney centers to other parts of the state of Andhra Pradesh, to ensure that those residing in other areas of the state can also avail of Deccan expertise.

Why Deccan for Kidney care ?

Kidney ailment is very distressing and requires much patience on the part of the patient and the relatives. After all chronic dialysis can certainly prove to be unnerving. At Deccan one overcomes this discomfort in no time. Deccan is one of the chosen few for Kidney care!


I has been Sufferring kidney problem from past 8-10 months.I visited Dr.K.S.Nayak at The Deccan hospital and he has advised her to undergo a kidney surgery. I underwent a surgery for me kidney and I feels better after that with the assistance and get he has got from The Deccan Hospital.


A'm  happy with the treatment at The Deccan hospital and  Doctors and the staff and very helpful and caring.