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Deccan's Curative Approach in Gynaecological Issues!

Girls and women, are you having gynaecological problems ? Women during menopause and post- menopause may require medical attention. Even, girls at times after attaining puberty experience problems with their monthly flow . In other words, the female sex simply cannot do without a gynaecologist. Deccan knows the needs of the fairer sex and has the best gynae centre to deal with health issues concerning them. Incidentally, gynaecology literally means the study of women.

What sort of gynae problems does Deccan handle?

Pregnancy issues that require extra care. During pregnancy, the patient has to be monitored well and also post-pregnancy complications if any have to be dealt with. After all, every mother wants her delivery to be easy without any complications. Also, child-care must be of high quality. Deccan has an array of obstetrician to provide the best gynae treatment.

The Columbus Venus program permits the mother to enjoy childbirth. Gynae experts handle issues pertaining to pre-counseling, antenatal and post-natal services. Special health checks are conducted regularly and facilities are available to diagnose chronic diseases hypertension, diabetes as well as cancer.

Sophisticated infrastructure is there to detect problems pertaining to the vagina, cancer of the uterus that often women face as well as removal of ovaries. Any woman facing such health issues can be sure of being treated well.

The Intensive Care Unit has ultra modern equipment in order to ensure that there is no negligence in treating the patient.

What gynaecological complications does Deccan handle?

.   High-risk diabetes.

.   Anaemia during pregnancy.

.   Other pregnancy issues.

Future plans to develop Deccan gynaecological department:

Planning to develop an infertility unit with regular check-ups.

Deccan Gynecological issues :

.  Urine incontinence.

.  Cancer.

.  Infertility.

.  Menstrual period problem.

.  Painful menstrual periods.

.  Permanent sterilization.

.  Several other gynae issues.

Deccan Gynae Infra-Structure:

.  Excellent labor room.

.  Well-equipped OPD facilities.

.  Well-functioning Intensive ICU.

.  Laproscopic Procedure.

.  Normal Delivery.

.  State-of-art facilities.

Less Gynae complications at Deccan:

Deccan is known for its excellent gynaecological surgical procedures and ensures that the patient is not plagued with complications after the surgery is over. Our obstetricians know their job thoroughly and perform it with precision. The concept adhered to is our patient's well-being and recovery is our goal. No compromises are made in quality of treatment or consultations. At Deccan you as a patient can walk out healthy, without incurring too much cost. Save your pennies, but get the best care!

Deccan is in the heart of the city for you to reach in no time!