Surgical Oncology

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Surgical Oncology

Cancer is not curable, but can be treated to a certain extent by helping the patient to live for a longer period of time. Usually, medication is administered and radiation is given coupled with chemotherapy treatment. This provides required relief and certainly provides longevity of life, but nevertheless there are times that surgery is required.

Surgical oncology does require professional expertise and Deccan is all for it by having a panel of professional surgical oncologists, who have the requisite know-how and professional expertise that can nip the bud at the right time. In other words, the surgery helps in removing the malignant tumor, but certainly cannot prevent the disease from occurring again. The tumor can reappear again and many times it does, and the patient has to go in for surgery.

Deccan oncology surgical techniques:

. Minimally invasive techniques.

. Neo-adjuvant treatments.

. Palliative surgery.

. Other professional surgical techniques.

What are Deccan specializations?

. Thoracic surgical oncologist.

. Gynecologist oncologist.

. Colorectal oncologist.

. Gastro-oesphagel oncologist.

. Musculoskeletal oncologist.

. Rectal cancer oncologist.

Treating cancer requires expertise of high professionalism and Deccan has the required infrastructure to make sure that the patient is fully satisfied with the treatment being given. The Deccan’s first priority is the patient’s well-being and a conscious effort is made to make sure that the patient is treated well. Sophisticated and modernized forms treatment is adopted.

Why has Deccan attained fame in cancer treatment?

. Resourcefulness of Deccan oncologists.

. Versatility in treatment.

. Adept in surgical operations.

. Committed work.

. All available treatment modes are in operation.

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