Stomach Ulcer can be excruciating and can make it very difficult to digest spicy food and anything slightly fatty in nature. Ulcers mainly occur in the stomach lining because of several reasons. Peptic ulcers tend to affect both the intestine and stomach area.

What Are Stomach Ulcer?

Stomach Ulcer
Stomach Ulcer

Development of stomach ulcer takes place when there is some damage in the thick layer of mucus that otherwise protects the stomach from the healthy digestive juices. As a result, the digestive acid can tear away the tissues and can cause painful ulcers.

It is straightforward to cure the stomach ulcer else they can create a significant problem if left untreated for a more extended period.

What causes stomach ulcer to occur?

The most common causes of a stomach ulcer include the following

  • Stomach infection
  • Constipation
  • Long term anti-inflammatory drugs

When there is an unbound increment in the production of acid in the stomach, it can result in painful stomach ulcers.

How to diagnose stomach ulcer?

Several symptoms are associated with stomach ulcers, and they are subjective. The majority of the symptoms include burning sensation in the middle area of the abdomen and chest.

Discuss the symptoms of stomach ulcer and report them to your doctor no matter whether they are mild or severe. If left untreated for a more extended period, stomach ulcers can become life-threatening.

The pain becomes more intense when stomach ulcers increase. When the stomach is empty, ulcers can become unbearable. Other common symptoms of stomach ulcers are as follows

  • Bloating 
  • nausea
  •  weight loss and continuous pain in the stomach 
  • heartburn and Acid Reflux 
  • burping 
  • anaemia 
  • dark stool 
  • vomiting sensation

How to treat stomach ulcers?

  • Majority of the time treatment depends on the prime cause of stomach ulcer.
  • It would help if you took a proper prescription from the doctor.
  • In rare cases, surgery may be suggested.
  • In case you have a bleeding ulcer, immediate hospitalization may be needed.

How to treat ulcers at home?

  • Visit a doctor, and you will probably describe you with Proton pump inhibitors to stop the production of stomach acid.
  • Your doctor can also ask you to consume probiotics that are good for killing unwanted stomach bacteria.
  • Symptoms of ulcer quickly subside if given proper treatment.
  • It would help if you continued the prescription until and unless you can feel perfectly normal.
  • If you feel that the medication is giving adverse effects, make sure that you talk to your doctor about it and choose an alternate treatment.

When do we need surgical treatment?

  • Surgical treatment may be needed in a sporadic case.
  • Generally, when the ulcers keep on bleeding, and there is a tear in the stomach, surgical treatment may be required.

How Can Surgery Treat Ulcers?

  • Removal of the ulcer tissue
  • Attending bleeding artery
  • Creating a patch over the intestine that have an ulcer
  • Cutting away with the nerve supply to the stomach that is responsible for the production of stomach acid.

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