Side Effects For Standing For Long Time: Standing is one of the most common human postures, and it cannot be avoided by any means. Somehow excess standing can give birth to several problems including sore feet, general muscular fatigue and varicose veins.

Effects of standing for long hours are more prone to machine operators, salespeople and teachers. The jobs that require people to stand for long hours come up with their side effects.

What Side Effects For Standing For Long Time?

The body of a person is affected very severely because of standing for long hours is not just one way but many. A person who stands for long hours observes a very minimal body position that results in lesser use of other body muscles. This results in a lack of flexibility and contributes to several health problems.

Why does the problem occur?

  • The problem because of standing mainly occurs because the body requires a lot of muscular effort during that period.
  • Standing reduces the blood supply to the loaded muscles that otherwise accelerates the onset of pain and tiredness.
  • The workers that expected to stand for long hours not only suffer from strain but also discomfort.
  • Prolonged standing period results in pooling of blood in the legs and feet.
  • As a result of standing for long hours, the body encounters inflammation in the veins.
  • This inflammation progresses with time and reaches out feet, spine hip and knee area.
  • The immobility can further result in the damage to the tendon and bone ligaments.

Are there any recommendations Side Effects For Standing For Long Time?

  • Opt for a well-designed workplace that allows you to relax and frequently change positions.
  • The working tables and the benches should be of adjustable height so that it fits the body size of the worker.
  • The adjustability and sure that the worker gets sufficient opportunity to carry out work in Well balanced positions.
  • The workspace in the organisation should allow the person to move from one place to another so that the body position can be changed.
  • There should be a portable footrest that should allow the bodyweight to transfer from one step to another.
  • The elbow supports also encourage the proper reduction of tension and support to the neck and upper arms.
  • Some controls and tools should be positioned so that the workers can reach how to do them easily without needing to bend or twist.

Final words

The greater the flexibility of the body, the better would be the health. Standing should not be the only position that you should opt because the equal distribution of load is significant for the body.

Avoid muscular strength to the maximum extent and also try to change positions to improve blood supply. Use quality footwear and avoid walking on a ubiquitous pathway.

Changing working positions is one way to avoid standing for long hours. Also, avoid extreme twisting the bending and stretching and try to choose to relax during specific periods.

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