Pavan Kumar Rao N

Dr. Pavan Kumar Rao N

Qualification:- MD, DM
Consultant Nephrologist


Dr. Subramanyam

Qualification:- M.D.MISN
Consultant Nephrologist


Nephrology Department at The Deccan Hospital excels in kidney transplant both live and cadaver which are at common man’s reach. Swap and, across blood group transplant are our key stones. State of the art Nephro ICU with CRRT, online HDF; PD and immediate start chronic peritoneal dialysis at affordable prices, avoiding Hemodialysis altogether are done here. We have a comprehensive dietary and Medical management program to delay the need of dialysis. We have outreach clinics across the state.

Procedures & Treatment​

We are specialized in

Kidney Transplant

  • Live & Cadaver Transplant
  • Swap Kidney Transplant
  • Across ABO Transplant & Transplant in Sensitized Patients
  • Pediatric Renal Transplant & Peritoneal Dialysis
  • CAPD
  • APD


  • Regular Dialysis
  • CRRT
  • Online HDF
  • Home Hemodialysis

Delaying /Preventing Onset of Dialysis Kidney Biopsy

AV Fistula Creation

  • Revival/ Salvage of AV Fistula Permcath Insertion.