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Medical Oncology

One disease that is dreaded most is cancer as there is no cure for it. Those who suffer from it do have to undergo prolonged treatment and the treatment process is extremely painful and also require a lot of patience. At the end of the road there is no cure for it and eventually, the patient succumbs to the disease. Under such circumstances, it is but natural that the Medical Oncology department of a hospital needs to be well-equipped with the latest treatment techniques, and Deccan has certainly made sure of it.

Suffering from malignant tumors requires immediate medical attention and administration of therapeutic measures that would prove much relief for the patient. Deccan has achieved much fame and distinction for its cancer treatment processes on account of it providing facilities that are of international level.

What are Deccan medical oncology facilities?

. Radiotherapy.

. Chemotherapy.

. Medications-new drugs.

. Pain Management.

. Blood transfusion.

. Blood Bank facilities.

. Efficient Diagnostic tools.

Deccan Department in Oncology:

. Radiation Oncology.

. Orthopedic Oncology.

. Preventive Oncology.

. Medical Oncology.

How does Deccan take care of its patients?

. Planned drug administration.

. Effective radiotherapy.

. Infection-free environment.

. The empathetic approach towards cancer patient.

. Early detection of the disease for immediate treatment.

What does Deccan strongly believe in?

. Ensure that patient can cope up with the disease by providing required supportive counseling.

. Treatment with care.

. The personalized approach towards the patient’s well-being.

. Excellent OPD services.

. A holistic approach towards the disease.

. Multi-disciplinary approach.

Why is Deccan popular?

. Patient relief and comfort is 100%.

. No compromise in quality care.

. Infection- free environ.

. Nursing staff favoring comfort of the patient.

Deccan knows the needs of a patient and will ever continue to do so. For Deccan Management Team the patient is given top priority at all times.

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