Hospital Overview

Hospital Overview

The Deccan Hospitals is an experienced network of private hospitals with a focus on delivering quality care with value for money treatment module. The organization is deeply rooted in Medicare and have over 3 decades of a solid foundation to back all its endeavors. The combined experience comes from a close-knit network with Vijaya Diagnostic Centre.

We are known to play a key role in improving the health of citizens of Andhra & Telangana, by providing access to eminent medical services across a wide range of specialties. Our medical expertise spans across all major segments of Healthcare and inculcates experienced professionals who have mastered their specialty.

Since our inception, we have built a reputation of being the hospital that takes individual care to the next level. Our services, combined with a patient first attitude, gives us a unique and important role in the healthcare sector. Our expertise has gained us many national and international accolades. The noteworthy of them are Harward Business Review and the Times of India Review.

Our Vision

Endeavour to emerge as the leading Healthcare Provider, in selected areas of Medical & Surgical Practice.

Our Mission

To practise Healthcare with Compassion and Dedication while being resolute in implementing the best medical technology and procedures with expertise, aiming to reduce suffering and “Begin Wellness”.

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