Srikanth Siliveru

Dr. Srikanth Siliveru

H.O.D Critical Care Medicine


Dr. ilyas

Consultant Intensivist

Rajesh K

Dr. Rajesh

Consultant Intensivist

Dr. Suleman.png

Dr. Suleman

Consultant Intensivist

Dr. Nagarjuna

Dr. Nagarajuna

Consultant Intensivist

Dr. Vijay Mutha

Dr. Vijay Mutha

Consultant Intensivist


The 24/7 Emergency & Critical Care unit at The Deccan Hospital provides a multidisciplinary healthcare that cares for patients with acute life-threatening illness or injury.

The state of the art in the hospital is the 30 bedded medical intensive care unit which is taken care by Critical care consultants, specially trained nursing staff, respiratory therapists, physiotherapists round the clock under the able leadership of Dr. Srikanth Siliveru.

We deal with all medical and surgical emergencies from various super specialties like Neurology, Neurosurgery, Trauma, Nephrology, post renal transplant care, Urology, Cardiology, Medical and surgical Gastroenterology, Interventional radiology, Internal medicine, Pulmonology including COVID-19.

The outcomes of patients the intensive care unit is commendable and the quality of infection control is well appreciated in many audits. Many interventions like invasive ventilation, Dialysis, Invasive Hemodynamic monitoring, ECMO, Interventional procedures in pulmonology and radiology are the flagships for the unit.

Our Critical care units had an ideal patient-nurse ratio of 1:1 and Emphasis is placed on intensive training of the support teams in emergency and standard care for patients. 

All the services are available 24×7 for immediate and accurate diagnosis of the patient’s condition. Each ICU bed is equipped with the most advanced monitoring systems, invasive & Non-invasive ventilators and oxygen delivery systems.

Critical Care Services at Our Hospital includes, but are not limited to the following cases:

  • Acute Respirator Distress syndrome (ARDS) including COVID-19
  • Multi organ failure
  • post-cardiac arrest
  • intractable seizures
  • post-stroke cases
  • coma and altered sensorium due to any cause
  • shock due to any cause
  • sepsis and septic shock
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Drug poisoning
  • Toxicological problems
  • status epilepticus
  • Drug Overdose
  • Chemical poisoning
  • Renal and Liver Failure
  • Cardiac problems requiring critical care
  • Multi-organ dysfunction
  • snake bites
  • severe bleeding and burns
  • serious infections