The role of an anesthesiologist in surgical procedures cannot in anyway be undermined. Anesthesia has to be administered very carefully, which means that the anesthetists have to be very experienced. Deccan, undoubtedly, has well-established anesthesiology department and the anesthetists are thorough in their work. The patient is given top priority as far as health care is concerned.

Deccan anesthesiology scope :

Deccan has certainly ensured that surgeons from all fields are provided the best anesthesiologist support. Plastic surgery, cardio- thoracic, surgical gastroenterology, neuro-surgery, urology, radio-therapy, radio-diagnosis, radio-therapy, radio-diagnosis, trauma-care requires excellent anesthesia services. The anesthetists are well-equipped to handle emergency cases as well as patients in the intensive care unit.

State-of-art facilities :

. Modern anesthetic machines.

. Updated safety devices. . Well- equipped operation theatres.

. Excellent patient monitoring equipment.

. Well-qualified and trained nursing staff.

A conscious effort is made by the anesthetists that no risks are involved, and the surgeon performing the respective operation does his job well. It is essential that while administering the anesthesia, the patient life is not threatened in any way. After all, over-dose can cause severe problems.

What is special about Deccan anesthetist?

. Expert in chronic pain management.

. Can handle multiple complications. . Extra caution given to infection control.

. Can regulate critically based life conditions.

Deccan anesthetist supportive to surgeons :

Deccan anesthetists are hand in glove with the surgeons in their surgical operations. The cooperative spirit and the team management functioning makes both these professionals to provide the best care. The infrastructure in the operation theatre is conducive for successful operations.


Deccan management anesthesia approach:


Deccan management is well aware of the role of an anesthetist. The management makes sure that the functioning of the anesthesia department is professional and the required inputs are provided in order for the anesthetist to carry out his duties error-free.


Infrastructure of Anesthesia Department:


The Deccan anesthesia department consists of 8 bedded surgical ICU that is fully-equipped with latest monitoring equipment. The state-of art ventilator for patient-care is on par with services provided abroad. The availability of round the clock anesthesia in surgical ICU (SICU), joint replacement, surgically high risks cases that are handled by patients. He also handles plenty of joint replacement spine and neuro- surgery, renal transplantation. In other words, a team of Deccan anesthetists do ensure that patients are not neglected in any way.


Rush to Deccan, as the Deccan ICU performs a perfect job.

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