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G.Surgery & Laproscopy

The trend today is to provide excellent Laproscopy surgery facilities and also general surgical procedures that meet up to international standards. Deccan has contributed towards this end as its infrastructure facility in medical sphere are just excellent.

Highlights of Deccan General Surgery and Laproscopy Surgery:

.  Lot of scope in genG.Surgery & Laproscopyeral surgical and laproscopical surgical facility.

.  Lot of laproscopic surgeries.

.  Gastroentology.

.  Surgical gastroentology.

.  Gynaecology.

.  Various types of gall bladder surgery.

.  Hernia surgery.

.  GERD.

Deccan Surgical Facilities:

.  ICU.

.  Ventilator back-up.

.  24/7 Lab investigations.

.  Emergency services on regular basis.

What is special about Deccan surgical procedures?

Deccan procedures in liver removal operations and acute and chronic pancreatitis is on par with major reputed institutions performing such surgical operations.

Deccan surgical focus:

A comprehensive approach towards patient care and patient centric treatment. In other words, an holistic approach is taken towards patient treatment and well-being.

The team treating the patients consists of:

. Eminent pathologist.

. Medical gastroenterologist.

. Radiologist.

No doubt, the team is excellent and the patient is well taken care of. No need to worry about the cost as Deccan has streamlined its treatment packages that even those who cannot afford can avail of its facilities. In other words, flexible packages have been prepared to cater to the needs of all income based patients.

Future Plans:

. To have liver transplantation and kidney transplantation units very soon.

. Also to set-up center for gastro-entrology diseases.

Medical care is inevitable in one's life and it is essential to seek treatment from well-established medical institutions and from reputed professionals. Deccan is definitely a hospital which proved itself well. One need not hesitate to go to Deccan as the hospital management has ensured that the medical services provided for do not fall below the patients expectations.