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High-protein diets may increase risk of kidney disease

High protein diets have been extremely popular n the recent past especially for weight loss. The lesser known fact about high protein diets is that they are harmful for health in the long run.  Several researches about these diets find that they can cause kidney damage. They even have negative effects on the urinal and renal tract of men and women. Protein s essential for our body, but too much of protein can prove to be harmful for our health. They have several side effects that cannot be combated by the body. A human body can only handle a balanced diet.

Effects of high protein diet

High proteins usually contain excessive amounts of calcium as well. The human body needs only small amounts of calcium on a daily basis which can be supplied by mile and other dairy products. Too much calcium in our diet will form kidney and gall bladder stones. These stones are naturally dissolvable by our body. They stay in the kidneys and the gall bladder and eventually become a pain over a period of time. When the stones move, they cause excessive pain and will have to be removed through surgery or laparoscopy.

Effects of protein on our body

Proteins are the building blocks of our body. But these are not the only ingredients that are required by the body. Protein helps to build muscle in the body but they have no other natural health benefits. Though the human body is made up of 50 percent muscle it still needs other vitamins and minerals to survive. A high level of protein is difficult to be digested by the body and circulated. Excessive amount of protein also blocks other vitamins and minerals from being absorbed into the body.  All the cells in the body are busy absorbing proteins and the excess of it is transferred to the kidneys. Kidneys have a limited capacity of excreting the proteins. The residue is stored in the kidneys and they end up forming stones.

Kidney functions in the body

Kidneys are delicate organs. They need high fiber content in our diet to be able to excrete the waste of the body. A high protein diet is not capable of delivering the fibrous content. Proteins also block the appetite in a person which is the main reason for weight loss. High protein with a moderate amount of exercise will help build lean muscle. At the same time it also weakens the kidney functionalities. When the kidney is not able to function efficiently, it stops excreting the waste out of the body.  To maintain healthy kidneys, you need to have a balanced diet that has proteins, minerals, vitamins and fiber.

How to avoid kidney diseases

Kidneys are the most essential organs of the body and they are as important as the heart. Both the kidneys are essential for a healthy life. Fiber is the main ingredient that the kidney thrives upon. Fiber foods help the kidney to aid in digestion and excretion. Along with fiber one has to consume a lot of water. Water aids the kidneys in functioning properly and also in flushing out toxins and other waste from the body.