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Gum disease doesn’t cause heart attacks

Gum diseases are of several kinds. Each kind of gum disease brings in its own threats and implications. There are several factors that cause gum diseases in people. Smoking, alcohol and chewing tobacco are the top reasons for gum diseases. There are other types of gum diseases like gingivitis that can be caused due to physiological conditions like pregnancy. Many researchers were indicating the fact that gum disease will cause heart related problems. The truth is that gum disease never causes a heart attack but it can definitely become a contributing factor.

Gum diseases and heart

Gum diseases when they occur are long lasting. It is very difficult to get rid of them. Problems like gingivitis can plague the gums for a lifetime if not attended to at the right time. Some of the top reasons that cause gum diseases are poor oral health and habits like smoking and drinking. Eating high carbohydrate diet also contributes to the problem. Any food that is rich in sugars can cause gum diseases. Apart from that a good oral health will prevent gum diseases. One has to make sure that they brush their teeth after meals and also floss it. Residual food in the teeth and gums can create havoc for your oral health. They breed germs and viruses that can be circulated in your body through the blood stream. Smoking and alcohol leave several repositories of harmful chemicals in the gums. These chemicals are carried to various organs of our body through blood supply. A good oral health and regular dental checkup can prevent several diseases including heart disease and cancer.

Effects of gum diseases

Gum diseases have several effects on our body. They affect the tonsils and spread germs throughout the body. Gums are lubricated by saliva. Saliva is a major contributor to harvest viruses and germs. While saliva has several health benefits but when it is fed by harmful organisms it turns harmful as well. Saliva directly interacts with the digestive system and blood. It has the ability to carry the harmful substances right into our body. If you have ever noticed there is a tiny gap between our teeth and the gums. These gaps can harbor several germs and harmful substances. They can remain there for a really long time.

Since the saliva interacts with gums and the heart it acts as a mediator between these two. Blood supply is directly related to the functioning of the heart. Blood carries several vital vitamins and minerals along with oxygen and water to various parts of the body. Gum diseases feed the blood with harmful substances that can reach the heart first. Over a period of time these substances collect in the arteries as junk and lead to heart attack.