Nephrology Hospitals in Hyderabad


Surgery does cause much concern to the patient and best care would make one feel at ease. Deccan Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) can be relied upon for best surgical procedures performed by highly qualified and experienced surgeons. The knife on your body can send jitters down your spine, but if in Deccan SICU, you simply need not to worry. The surgery will certainly be performed in most comfortable manner and with best results. Side- effects need not bog you down, as expert care is what you get.

What is special about Deccan SICU ?

. Professional expertise at all times.

. Surgical operations highly rated internationally.

. Excellent monitoring equipment.

. Close observation.

. Nursing care oriented towards critical care.

. Multi-disciplinary approach. . Excellent dietary services.


What does Deccan SISU entail ?

. Kidney ailments.

. Gynaecology.
. Orthopaedic.

. Trauma service.

. General surgery.

. ENT.

. Vascular surgery.

. Urology.

. Several other medical surgeries.

Deccan SISU is proud of handling critical kidney surgeries such as kidney transplant etc. despite the patient suffering from other complications. It has attained much international recognition for having the most talented nephrologists.

How does Deccan SISU compete with other SISUs ?

Deccan SISU has perfected its surgical procedures in order to ensure early recovery of the patient. The care and concern for the patient is exemplary and definitely surpasses other multi- specialty hospitals. Cost factor is easy on the patient's purse. There is absolutely no scope for infections and hygiene is given primary importance. A patient in Deccan SISU can feel assured of overcoming his or her critical ailment. Severe surgical complications are handled with professional touch.

Can one rely on Deccan SISU ?

YES! One need not have any qualms of getting treated at Deccan SISU. Perfect care, perfect ambiance for early recovery and quick discharge is something one can certainly expect. Deccan surgeons are thorough in their surgeries and devote themselves completely for full recovery of the patient. They constantly think of the patient's well-being.

Deccan SISU saves a patient in no time. Quick arrival, early recovery and back home in no time are what Deccan SISU strives for. Patients and relatives do not think twice about getting treated at Deccan SISU.

Believe strongly in getting well soon as quickly as possible and the best option for materializing such expectations is to approach Deccan as its patient care has achieved much recognition vis-à-vis other corporate hospital of the city. Being a city centered based hospital; it is easy to admit a critical patient without delay. Saving life is very important for Deccan and locale does matter in this respect. Ambulance services are well-streamlined and immediate medical care is given while the patient is being driven to the hospital.

Deccan SICU is where you should be if it is question of life and death!