Nephrology Hospitals in Hyderabad


For people who need the requirement for kidney transplantation and dialysis Deccan Hospital is the best option for treatment…….Choose your care wisely. Living well on dialysis depends on choosing the right location, doctors, hospital for your care which Deccan hospital provides. If you have kidney disease and currently on dialysis don’t hesitate to talk to our Deccan hospital urinary and kidney team.

Need not get fed up with Kidney dialysis at Deccan

Kidney malfunctioning is a serious health issue and initially it may start as a disease and eventually turn chronic requiring regular dialysis. Renal failure entails dialysis, which cannot be stopped on any account as the patient has to be on dialysis for ever.

Is Deccan the right place for Kidney treatment ?

Yes, of course. One can expect the cost-effective treatment which is of international level and would make the patient feel hale and hearty after the dialysis is over. 

The dialysis centre is well-equipped with the latest modern dialysis equipment. Air-conditioned room with a television to pass time while undergoing the dialysis makes the patient feel relaxed. The cost per dialysis is much reasonable as compared to other multi-specialty corporate hospitals. Hygiene is maintained to avoid any uncalled for infections. The attending staff and nurses take good care, maintaining a friendly rapport with patients.

Undergoing dialysis involves much time and the patient would definitely look at the surrounding atmosphere. A congenial environ will make him or her want to continue with the dialysis, as it is difficult to spend 3 to 4 hours lying down during the treatment.

How strong is the Kidney Center of Deccan ?

Its strength lies in its quality equipment, well-qualified nephrologists, competent nursing staff and attendants and an environ that makes the patient comfortable while undergoing treatment. All kinds of kidney related surgeries are conducted, even those involving other health complications. For example, if patient was suffering from cancer or perhaps orthpaedic problem, then also our kidney surgeons are willing to perform the operations. Even head injuries as well as joint replacements are taken care of while performing kidney surgeries. Our kidney surgeons can handle complicated cases competently as they have the requisite know-how. 

Deccan handles Kidney patients with extra care ?

Personal touch is what we at Deccan believe and a conscious effort is made to bridge the communication gap between the patient and the nephrologists. The smooth flow of communication enables the surgeon to perform his or her tasks well and also the dialysis patient to take it easy while being treated.

Deccan has gained much popularity for its successful kidney operations and naturally, the kidney dialysis center will cater to the needs of the patient successfully. The focus is on achieving success by making the patient the centre of all activity.

Why select Deccan for Kidney dialysis ?

. Dependable treatment. 

. Cost-effective.

. Conveniently located.

. Congenial atmosphere.

. Air-conditioned environ.

. Hygienic dialysis equipment.

Are you a chronic case of kidney disease and need dialysis ?

Then do not hesitate in approaching Deccan nephrologists as they are certainly efficient, well-versed in nephrology on account of wide-travel and participation in international conferences. They keep themselves abreast with the latest research developments in Kidney and make sure that the patient gets the best treatment available.

What is the motto that Deccan believes in Kidney ailments ?

Patient comes first, treatment to be the latest in field and early recovery of patient. Also, a constant effort to keep the spirits high of the dialysis patient