Nephrology Hospitals in Hyderabad


Immediate kidney medical attention, then book an ambulance to Deccan to get the best treatment at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Deccan, having the latest modern infrastructure and medical facilities to ensure that patients do get the best available care. Deccan doctors know it all and perform their duty in the ICU diligently, without any neglect. Perfect care and concern makes the unit a safe place for recovery!

Why is Deccan ICU popular ?

Deccan ICU is the hub of all activity and the centre point of the hospital. Equipped with latest medical technology and equipment, doctors and specialists expertly handle complicated emergency cases. The nurses are also confident and well- trained to cope up with situations. The Unit can take care of very sick patients without delay.

How does location of Deccan help ICU unit ?

In an emergency, a close-by hospital is preferred. Deccan is located in city centre and naturally it is easy to reach the ICU quickly. After all, a patient's life is at stake and quick relief is essential. The ambulance service is prompt. Patient care is the main forte of Deccan ICU.

Why has Deccan made sure of strong ICU unit ?

Professionalism is what Deccan believes in. No compromises at all! Patient focus is of utmost importance. Best facilities for quick relief. A well-equipped ICU is the strength of Deccan. Personal attention is the core of emergency treatment. Negligence of any kind is avoided. Perfect care is the hallmark of Deccan.

Deccan does not hesitate to handle any emergency cases. Deccan doctors taken on any challenges and the respective specialists do the needful. This is why Deccan is what it is today. A stand alone in remarkable treatment as compared to any corporate hospitals. World-wide acclaim of world-class ICU infrastructure has made Deccan a much sought after hospital.

Falling sick suddenly is inevitable and immediately rushing to Deccan ICU is sensible. Would you not like to enjoy life again? Why take the risk? Just admit yourself in the Deccan ICU. Let Deccan take care of you to make you hale and hearty again. It is worth living again and Deccan knows this well. The expert surgeons want their patient to be normal again and not be bogged down due to complications.

Does Deccan take in all patients in ICU ?

Certainly! No doubt, orthopaedic, kidney and gynaecology are its strengths, but Deccan is well into other medical specializations as well. Treat the ICU arrival is the core of its surgical operations. Every patient deserves the best care and Deccan takes on the responsibility full-scale. No hesitation on what the injury is and certainly the required equipment is there to deal promptly. Our surgeons know their job too well Are you faced with an emergency? Then do not hesitate to approach us.