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Accommodation / Patient rooms at Deccan

Sophisticated medical care is very essential these days, but nevertheless, it is essential that accommodation provided must be equally attractive for the patient to feel comfortable. Deccan has gone that extra way to provide a room environ that will promote the well-being and quick recovery of the patient. No compromise has been made in incurring cost on accommodation as Deccan has felt the need to lay much focus on patient care.

What are the main features of Deccan accommodation ?

Air- conditioned rooms.

Well-equipped rooms with latest modern amenities.

Well-provided for medical equipment.

Charges of accommodation :



Category of Bed



Intensive Critical care unit(I.C.U) 


Step down ICU


General Ward


Sharing Room


Single Room


Deluxe Room

Judging by the room fee structure, it is quite obvious that the approach of Deccan is towards cost-effective and ensures that the patient is not burdened with heavy costs. No doubt, a certain amount of profit-motivation will be there in a corporate hospital nevertheless, the room charges are certainly patient-friendly. Provision has been made from common class to executive suites. One can feel a five- star ambiance which has a soothing effect on distressed bodies and mind. Cure with care is what Deccan strongly believes in and oriented its internal ambiance towards this.

Ethos behind room environs Deccan management room policy :

. Clinical safe rooms.

. Relaxing environ.

. Rooms designed for the disabled.

Room service essential component of hospitals :

Hospital stay is usually an unnerving experience and results in perhaps the patient wanting to leave quickly. Usually, of course, a patient does not want to over-stay, but at Deccan the room service and facilities provide much comfort for the patient to bear his body discomfort and pain.

Why choose Deccan ?

Deccan is locally and internationally known for its hospital ambiance and the surgeons find it conducive to treat patients. Once the surgery is over, patient has to relax and get over his or health problem.

Deccan is indeed a hospital that stands tall among other corporate hospitals. In the city, Deccan attracts serious patients and can well take care of them, and that too well.