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Department of Nephrology

Kidney ailment causes much concern not only to the patient, but to the close members of the family. One is in need of best kidney care at reasonable cost. Kidney dialysis is an expensive affair and many city hospitals charge heavy amounts. Patient deter on account of this to seek admission. Deccan knows this quite well, and the charges for kidney ailments are budget-friendly.


How does Deccan stand out in kidney treatment ?

 We are into chronic kidney dialysis and acute kidney cases and also provide renal transplant services. The treatment is of extremely superior quality and chronic patients in the dialysis room will feel at ease on account of recreational facilities such as television for each bed. Hygenic environ while dialysis is on.

How do Deccan Nephrologists deal with Kidney patients ?

 Patient is prepared before treatment. Deccan has the best Kidney infrastructure facilities, internationally acclaimed and the Kidney surgeons have international expertise to deal well with patient's kidney ailment. Congenital kidney problem and genetic kidney diseases are also dealt with expert medical attention. Patient is given utmost importance and will certainly feel reassured that he or she is in competent hands, not fearing for any uncalled for serious complications.

Why go in for Kidney care at Deccan ?

. Hygenic dialysis room with modern infrastructure.

. Friendly and easily accessible Nephrologists.

. Excellently trained staffing nurses.

. Aesthetically appealing ambiance that makes one feel healthy, even if sick.

Cost–effective Kidney care at Deccan

Apart from suffering from Kidney ailment, the patient is also worried about the cost and the pressure on the family budget. The chronic dialysis patient has to be treated regularly and naturally the cost incurred dialysis can be distressing at times. Deccan knows this and has made sure that the dialysis cost is well within the patient's reach. Getting admitted at Deccan need not be a major issue of concern as one can certainly afford the bill. The room stay is excellent and that too with budget-friendly touch in excellent décor and comfort.

Deccan stands apart in Kidney care Deccan has become a popular hospital for Kidney care and patients from far and wide come for treatment as Kidney treatment facilities are of high quality . In fact, Deccan wants to expand its Kidney centers to other parts of the state of Andhra Pradesh, to ensure that those residing in other areas of the state can also avail of Deccan expertise. 

Why Deccan for Kidney care ?

Kidney ailment is very distressing and requires much patience on the part of the patient and the relatives. After all chronic dialysis can certainly prove to be unnerving. At Deccan one overcomes this discomfort in no time. Deccan is one of the chosen few for Kidney care!

Best Kidney Hospital in Hyderabad

Department of Neuro Surgery

Neurological disorders can create havoc with our body system and it is essential that immediate medical attention is given to prevent life-long disability. Expert medical care and that too urgently, needs to be administered to the patient and Deccan is oriented towards complete re-habilitation of the patient.


Neuro-surgery involves sensitive parts of our body system such as the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves as well as the extra- cranial cerebrovascular system. Naturally, if the brain is affected in anyway due to perhaps high blood pressure resulting in stroke etc. the patient can become dysfunctional completely. The same applies to spinal cord injuries. Deccan has on board well-qualified and well-experienced neuro-surgeons who have the requisite experience to treat neuro- patients.


How has Deccan established and retained its name ?

On account of top-notch infrastructure and caring and sensitive management team, the Deccan neuro-surgeons have attained much distinction in their efforts to treat patients, especially in the following specific medical cases:


. Skull base surgery.

. Spine surgery.

. Peripheral nerve.

. Interventional neuro-radiology.

. Neuropathology.

. Rehabilitation.

. Other medical problems as well.

Why be treated by Deccan Neuro- surgeons ?

Why not? They possess the required expertise and know-how and have the required international exposure as having attended conferences and published papers, thus enriching themselves professionally. Their professional world revolves around ensuring that the patient is provided the best care and is not subjected to discomfort. Much concentration is on ensuring that the recovery is to the best extent possible in case it is a severe case and to re-habilitate him back into society again.

The agony that a patient undergoes on account of neurological problems is well-understood by the neuro-surgeons and the empathy and extra care showered upon them itself acts as a soothing factor to calm the already disturbed nerves.

What are the special medical techniques used ?

. Minimally invasive endoscopic surgery.

. CT scanning.

. MRI.

. Stereotactic surgery.

. Endoscopic endonasal surgery.

. Other latest techniques that are in use abroad as well.

Neuro-care requires total commitment on the part of the surgeons and staff as well as the management to ensure that patient's health complications are dealt adeptly.

It is fast paced technology world today, and neuro-sciences are under- going rapid changes. Deccan management under the expert guidance of Dr. Surender Reddy, Chairman of the hospitals is going out of the way to provide the latest in neurology and it is but natural that patients and their relatives need to think twice about approaching Deccan. Deccan is where you should be for full- recovery or if not maximum recovery.

Best Kidney Hospital in Hyderabad

Department of Pulmonology

Pulmonologist is concerns itself with a medical disease concerning the respiratory tract. Occasionally, it is referred to as Pneumology and at times respirology. In some countries, it is at times referred to as chest medicine. Being a branch of internal medicine, it is related to intensive care medicine.


What is special about Deccan services?

Deccan knows the seriousness of the disease and has provided adequate facilities to ensure that the patient is well taken-care of. The latest medical technology is made use of which is internally recognized for its efficient functioning.


What makes Deccan stand out in this sphere?

. Excellent laboratories for medical tests.

. Updated spirometry.

. CT scanning and MRI facilities act as an useful diagnosis tool.

. X-rays for the Chest.

. Various medical personnel such as rehabilitation nurses, physical therapist and so forth.

What makes Deccan stand out in this sphere?

Deccan believes in providing excellent medical care and pulmonary cure that will allow the patient to breathe as quickly as possible. Patients suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), pulmonary infections, asthma and disorders. Individualized treatment is given much preference. Adequate attention is given to make sure that treatment suits the patient well. Much emphasis is given to critical care and sleep specialists ensure that the patient gets proper sleep. A comprehensive approach is adhered to improve the quality of the care.

Why seek respiratory care at Deccan?

. The outpatient care meets patient's individual needs.

. In-patient care is on par, in fact, perhaps more focused vis-a- vis other corporate hospitals.

. The Intensive Care Unit is well-equipped.

. Multi-disciplinary approach is preferred.

Infrastructure facilities:

. 135 bedded multi-specialty hospital.

. Modern equipment, latest equipment.

. 3 operation theatres with HEPA Filters Laminar air-flow and joint-less finishing inside.

. Latest techniques in operation theatre.

Why prefer Deccan pulmonologists?

Deccan pulmonologists are well-trained and experienced and are dedicated to the work whole-heartedly. They do not compromise on medical ethics or the treatment. The medical infrastructure is well-geared towards professional care. At Deccan one can be absolutely sure that one can breathe comfortably well and the feeling of being alive is there! You may be very close quarters to death, but you need not fear it as Deccan wastes no time in early recovery of the patient providing them immediate quality care.

Best Kidney Hospital in Hyderabad

Department of Plastic Surgery

Get Rid of your Ugly Look at Deccan !

The desire to look good is felt both by men and women, women in particular. Both on the personal front and professional front looks do make a difference, particularly in professions where one has to interact with the public. Actors, models, sales executives, hi-profile business executives want to have the perfect appearance.

Not only looking good is the issue, but also medical health issues also develop which require cosmetic surgeries which require surgeon' s expertise, such as breast cancer, burn injuries, skin defects and so forth. Undoubtedly, cosmetic or popularly known as plastic surgery is an essential component of medical field. Deccan has developed over decades an infrastructure for high- level technology for cosmetic care.

Focus of the cosmetic treatment:

Deccan Cosmetic Surgeons are keen on enhancing the image of the person; improve the self-esteem of the individual and thus build-up the confidence level of the person.

What areas of cosmetic treatment are focused upon?

. Breast Reduction.

. Face Lift.

. Liposuction.

. Chin augmentation.

. Congenital defects.

. Infection.

. Tumor

. Hair transplantation.

. Restoring eyebrows.

. Tummy tuck.

. Many more health issues.

Deccan approach to cosmetic surgery

A multi-disciplinary approach for a perfect look and treatment is the driving force behind the medical care. Also, the risks are less and the expected look is almost 100%.

Deccan clinical environment:

. Hygienic.

. Sophisticated surgical techniques.

. Excellent surgical equipment.

. Caring and sympathetic approach towards patient.

Up-dation of treatment processes:

Deccan specialists participate in international conferences and also publish several papers and keep themselves well-informed about the latest medical development processes in cosmetology. On account of this surgeons are able to treat perfectly.

Next time, you want your body in shape and the preferred look, then Deccan is there to take care of the impossible. Try Deccan cosmetologists and see the results for yourselves. You will find it amazing indeed. In fact, you will encourage others also to get treated in Deccan.

Department of Plastic Surgery

Best Kidney Hospital in Hyderabad

Department of Orthopedic

Breaking a bone can be very painful and one would certainly also like to walk and move around comfortably. Yet, there are times, when physical movement can get impaired on account of accidents, sudden fall or perhaps even due to ageing process. Whatever may be the case, Deccan is always with you at every step that you make after the orthopaedic treatment begins. In fact, Deccan ortho centre is known for its best orthopaedic facilities, and the orthpaedic surgeons are reputed for perfect care.

Orthopaedic treatment usually concerns with trauma, congenital as well as other forms of bone disorders and joints that are related to soft tissues, ligaments, muscles as well as nerves.


Ortho care is highly specialized in Deccan and the concentration of the orthopaedic surgeon is to ensure complete recovery of the patient. We at Deccan offer several services in orthopaedics that major hospitals here as well as abroad offer. Only our expertise in the field is certainly of high calibre, providing the best facility and care to the patient. Patients come here to get treated for the following areas:

. Hand surgery.

. Total joint reconstruction (artroplasty).

. Shoulder as well as elbow surgery.

. Pediatric orthopaedics.

. Ankle and foot surgery.

. Musculosketal oncology.

. Spine surgery.

. Foot and ankle.

. Paediatric orthopedics.

. Surgical sports medicine.

. Orthopaedic trauma.

. Other ortho issues as well.

Our ortho specialists are well-versed in performing knee arthroscopy, shoulder arthroscopy, carpal tunnel, knee arthroscopy, knee replacement, hip replacement, shoulder arthroscopy, lumber spinal fusion. Even older men face this problem. Total hip replacement surgery is also available and one can be sure of comfort and ease. One can also approach us for orthotics as well as prosthetics, pediatrics, spine, diabetic foot.

How do Deccan Nephrologists deal with Kidney patients ?

. Known for their international exposure.

. Highly rated calibre and know-how.

. Friendly disposition.

. Accessible to the patient.

. Cure with care motto.

. Professionally well- qualified and experienced.

. Internationally recognized for their skills.

Why think of Deccan for Orthopaedics ?

As a patient of orthopaedics you want to get relieved of the pain and also walk better as quickly as possible. Bone fractures, falling down and breaking one's hip joints, osteoporosis and so forth that women experience can definitely cause a lot of pain. The need to seek quick relief under expert guidance is why patients throng the Deccan. Walk in with limp and go back with confident strides.

Bone fractures are very common and take time to heal. During the healing process one can experience much discomfort. Naturally, one would look up to one's orthopaedic surgeon for expert care, and Deccan surgeons can do the needful. Next time you break a bone then think of Deccan! We know what to do.