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We are aiming at providing medical care that is dependable, reliable and devoid of complications. Our patient must go back with the feeling that he or she has been treated well and is on the way to quick recovery. Our dedicated team of doctors, nursing staff and others as well are solely working towards the well-being of the patient.


Deccan is striving hard to carve a niche for itself in the international arena of medical care and has successfully done so as patients from far and wide are making a bee-line to our hospital services.

Medicare approach :

Medicare must meet the needs of the patient and ensure that the poor do not lack in facilities. Deccan ensures that surgical procedures as far as possible are devoid any complications, which they have successfully implemented so far.

Patient is the pivotal around which our entire medical treatment revolves and we hope that in the future also we are able to come up with more medical facilities innovations that not only enhances the image of the our hospital, but ensures the patient' well-being is not side-tracked in any way.

Corporate approach features latest medical care, which at times perhaps may mean a purely financial approach devoid of personal touch to the patient. Deccan negates this approach totally and believes in personal touch while caring patients. Empathy, understanding and ensuring that the family is able to financially sustain the treatment of the patient makes Deccan a special entity by itself.

Deccan, no doubt, is a name that rings a bell in everybody's mind for immediate relief of pain and discomfort; yet, Deccan wants to scale the heights of success more by constantly updating its medical technology services.

Core values :

Deccan's core values are " strong team work, high integrity levels of staff, perfect operations, excellence in treatment and taking care of our staff in the best manner possible." The primary aim is to serve the community and provide special attention to the patient.

City center based hospital, catering to all treatment requirements of the patient, Deccan wants to further extend its reach to various corners of the globe, and has undoubtedly managed considerably. One patient was diagnosed with serious heart condition and asked to be admitted to hospital immediately. One patient came in critically ill and was treated in the auto parked in the parking lot itself.