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A 3-decades venture, Deccan Hospital has acquired the reputation of possessing excellent medical infrastructure for early recovery of a patient. Under the able guidance of Dr. Surender Reddy, Chairman of the hospital and the expert supervision of Mr. Damodar Reddy, Managing Director, both the medical staff and auxiliary staff ensure that the comfort of the patient is given utmost priority at all times.

We have served our patients with diligence, patient-centric attention and friendly - rapport and environ for patient quick recovery. For decades, we have ensured that patient feels that he or she can be assured of getting back to daily routine in no time. Deccan has spread its tentacles in distant lands on account of its versatility, innovative and constant updating of technology.

Located in the heart of the city, it has patients from far and wide seeking medical attention on account of its superb medical infrastructure. The basic orientation of the hospital is towards ensuring medical care of international level in the field of radiology, laboratory services and, no doubt, nuclear medicine.

Why is Deccan known for its innovations ?

The patient is in the hands of excellent medical professionals and services that make him or her feel that he or she will never be let down. One has access to well-established laboratories in the arena of Hematology, Serology, Biochemistry, and Microbiology. The imaging services provided for the patient are in the form of MRI, Spiral CT Scan, PET, Color Dopplers, Tread Mill, X-Ray, 4D ultrasound as well as Video Endoscope. The services are provided on 24 X 7 basis.

For further details one can call (040) 234-10640 for laboratory services, and valuable information. One can also fix an appointment with Deccan consultant to get a personal appraisal of one's health condition. Whatever maybe the approach, for Deccan the patient well-being is given top priority, no compromises of any kind. The motto adopted,

"Treat the patient well to walk again confidently."

True to general belief, Deccan has retained its image as one of the top-notch multi-specialty hospital, with high level expertise in nephrology, gynecology and orthopedics, along with other medical disciplines.

Are you seriously ill? Then do think of us as we have always take good care of our patients sans neglect or infections and complications.

Is Deccan different from other city corporate hospitals ?

Certainly, its innovative nature and patient well-being approach has redeemed it as a hospital with medial finesse.