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Critical care services meet the needs of patients facing an immediate life-threatening health condition—specifically, that in which vital system organs are at risk of failing. Using advanced therapeutic, monitoring and diagnostic technology, the objective of critical care is to maintain organ system functioning and improve the patient’s condition such that his or her underlying injury or illness can then be treated.

The Critical Care Unit comprises of 30 beds – 12 beds in Medical Intesive Care Unit including strict isolation beds, 8 Neuro intensive beds and 10 beds in High dependency Unit. Under the expert guidance and leadership of Dr.Srikanth, Siliveru, our Senior consultant Critical care & Emergency Medicine. T

The critical care team has the track record of  performing many procedures in the medical intensive care,respiratory and cardiac intensive care like arterial lines,dialysis catheter placements,intercoastal drainages,emergency bronchoscopies,temporary pace makers, pericardiocentesis, percutaneous tracheostomies etc. They coordinate with the transplant team in working up and preparing patients for renal transplantation including live & cadaveric transplants.

The Deccan Hospital maintains international nurse: patient ratios ensuring ACLS trained staff 24×7.


he Deccan hospital renders advanced critical care treatment pertaining to varied specialties including  Nephrology, Neurology, Gastroenterology, Pulmonology and Complex surgical cases. Qualified and experienced Intensivists render 24×7 care to very sick patients in sepsis with multiorgan failure,acute kidney injury,ARDS,trauma,pancreatitis,severe H1N1 pneumonias,myocardial infarctions,tropical diseases like dengue shock syndromes,severe leptospirosis,complicated malarias,traumatic brain injury,acute ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke,ventilatory management with excellent results.

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Our Doctors


Dr. Srikanth Siliveru MBBS, FCCM, EDIC
Chief Consultant – Critical Care Services


Dr. Aejaz M.D,D.E.M


Dr. Rajesh D.D,IDCCM


Dr. Yashwanth MBBS,DNB


Dr. Iliyas MBBS,FCCM


Dr. Suleman MBBS,FCCM

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