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Dr. Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood, IBM Fellow and Chief Scientist & Overall Lead, Medical Sieve Radiology Grand Challenge, IBM Almaden Research Center visited The Deccan Heart Institute on 3rd Jan 2018 with an objective to explore data and possibly some joint research on medical imaging datasets, particularly chest X-rays. A walk through with the data systems and formats available in our diagnostic imaging labs was arranged for her benefit. It was followed by a scintillating talk on her research at the IBM Almaden Research Center to the staff of the hospital.

She evinced keen interest in our Radiology Department and expressed a desire in acquiring coordinated datasets of imaging and reports for chest X-rays.

The Heart Institute too expressed its desire to take part in the Medial Sieve Radiology Grand Challenge.

An action plan is being drawn for taking this further.


Cosmetic Surgery in Hyderabad

The First Outreach program of The Deccan Hospital and Deccan Heart Institute was launched on 15th Feb 2018.

Important village elders numbering 15 drawn from the villages of Konapuram, Madhireddypally, Yavapuram, Chimaldhari, Dathapuram coming under Shankarpally Mandalam, R.R.Dist., visited the hospital on 15th February 2018.. The Medical Director Dr.Ramjee Rao welcomed the members.

A video presentation of the hospital, its infrastructure, specialities, expertise available along with the profiles of the attending doctors was made.

Mr Ganesh, aarogyasri in charge of the program at Deccan Hospital, explained the how it works and the specialities covered by it.

Dr.Jaya kumar, CMA talked briefly outlined the delivery of the program at the hospital.

This was followed by a presentation by Dr. Vinoth Kumar, (Interventionist Cardiologist) on various Cardiac interventions like CAG, PTCA etc. Through an audio visual presentation he enlightened them on early stroke symptoms, identification of warning cardiac symptoms.

The participants were then taken around the hospital for a visit and were shown the departments of emergency, OT, Dialysis unit, etc., as also the General and the aarogyasri wards.

The participants expressed their satisfaction over the facilities and patient care services that are being rendered by the hospital.

They left the on a happy note and desired to continue their association with the hospital and avail of its facilities.

Healing Natural Foods to Help the Function of the Kidneys

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Kidney diseases are very common and many people across the world suffer from some kind of kidney Disorder. The main reason for kidney disorders is our diet and lifestyle. Kidney diseases are often times progressive conditions and also degenerative. Healthy kidneys promote overall health and keep the parts of the body healthier.

There are several health foods that can promote kidney functionalities and help to keep them healthy and stronger.


Fluids like water and some fruits and vegetable juices play a very important role in promoting kidney health. Fluids are easy to digest and they also carry several nutrients efficiently to the kidneys. It does not take a lot of effort for the system to digest it. Fluids also pass easily through the renal tract without causing any stress to it. Among all the fluids water is very essential for the kidneys. It helps to break down harder food substances and also provides the fluidity for them to pass through the kidneys.

Fruits and veggies

Fruits and veggies have several vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the kidneys. There are several kinds of fruits like grapes, black berries, blue berries are very good for your kidneys health. Vegetables and spices like fennel, celery, spinach, beets, onions and asparagus are good. These fruits and vegetables are low in minerals and high in vitamins and fiber.

Avoid potassium rich foods

Kidneys put in a lot of effort in digesting minerals. Kidneys also regulate the potassium levels in the body. So monitor the potassium intake on a daily basis. There are several low potassium foods like apples, beans, rice, peas, pasta, noodles, peppers and many more. Fresh greens and salads usually contain low levels of potassium. You can also eat fruits that are not in yellow color. However avoid bananas.

Eat iron rich foods

Low iron content or an iron deficiency weakens the kidney and can cause chronic kidney diseases. Low iron content in the body indicates that the red blood cell count is low. Iron deficiency in people with kidney related diseases like diabetes can cause diseases like diabetes nephropathy and eventually lead to renal or kidney failure. There are several natural foods that are rich in iron content. Iron is available in higher quantities in red meats and fish or chicken. Even eggs are a rich source of iron. However for people with diabetes these kinds of foods may not be suitable. They can derive the source from iron in foods like spinach and other dark leafy green vegetables. Iron is also found in beets, onions, milk, eggs, and fruits like bananas, papaya, grapes and more. Even dry fruits like dates are a rich source of iron. Dates can even be consumed by people with diabetes.

Gum disease doesn’t cause heart attacks

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Gum diseases are of several kinds. Each kind of gum disease brings in its own threats and implications. There are several factors that cause gum diseases in people. Smoking, alcohol and chewing tobacco are the top reasons for gum diseases. There are other types of gum diseases like gingivitis that can be caused due to physiological conditions like pregnancy. Many researchers were indicating the fact that gum disease will cause heart related problems. The truth is that gum disease never causes a heart attack but it can definitely become a contributing factor.

Gum diseases and heart

Gum diseases when they occur are long lasting. It is very difficult to get rid of them. Problems like gingivitis can plague the gums for a lifetime if not attended to at the right time. Some of the top reasons that cause gum diseases are poor oral health and habits like smoking and drinking. Eating high carbohydrate diet also contributes to the problem. Any food that is rich in sugars can cause gum diseases. Apart from that a good oral health will prevent gum diseases. One has to make sure that they brush their teeth after meals and also floss it. Residual food in the teeth and gums can create havoc for your oral health. They breed germs and viruses that can be circulated in your body through the blood stream. Smoking and alcohol leave several repositories of harmful chemicals in the gums. These chemicals are carried to various organs of our body through blood supply. A good oral health and regular dental checkup can prevent several diseases including heart disease and cancer.

Effects of gum diseases

Gum diseases have several effects on our body. They affect the tonsils and spread germs throughout the body. Gums are lubricated by saliva. Saliva is a major contributor to harvest viruses and germs. While saliva has several health benefits but when it is fed by harmful organisms it turns harmful as well. Saliva directly interacts with the digestive system and blood. It has the ability to carry the harmful substances right into our body. If you have ever noticed there is a tiny gap between our teeth and the gums. These gaps can harbor several germs and harmful substances. They can remain there for a really long time.

Since the saliva interacts with gums and the heart it acts as a mediator between these two. Blood supply is directly related to the functioning of the heart. Blood carries several vital vitamins and minerals along with oxygen and water to various parts of the body. Gum diseases feed the blood with harmful substances that can reach the heart first. Over a period of time these substances collect in the arteries as junk and lead to heart attack.

5 natural back pain remedies that work

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 After crossing middle age back pain is one of the most common conditions experienced by people. Some people experience back pain in a frequent basis and some may be irregular. However back pain can be very annoying and makes people compromise on their lifestyle. The main reasons for back pain are inactivity and stress. Most people sit in an office for nearly 8 to 9 hours a day and work. The spine is aligned in the same position for long periods of time. The blood flow is to the spine is decreased and this causes back pain.

When you are suffering with back pain you can try some natural home remedies to sort it out.

Lie down flat on your back on the ground. Do not use a mattress and a put a pillow or a cushion underneath your knee for support. Lie down in this position without moving for at least 10 minutes. This will give your back some relief temporarily.

If the pain is extreme use an ice pack for 3 to 5 minutes. This will provide instant relief from the back pain. Keep using the ice pack intermittently.

In order to get long time relief from back pain exercise. There are simple yoga exercises that can help your back from getting strained. Lie down on the ground on a mat and pull your knees close to your chest. Roll from one side to another. Repeat this exercise 4 to 5 time’s everyday. This exercise helps the spine to stretch and also strengthens it. This is a basic yoga posture that is good for back pain.

Everyday in the morning stretch your back. Stretch yourself both ways by bending and touching your toes and also bending backwards. This exercise improves the blood supply to your back and also exercises the spine.

Eat healthy foods. There are several natural foods that can help your back. Herbs like devil’s claw are a natural form of aspirin. They can immediately relieve you from back pain. Make a tea using this herb and have it every morning. Avoid eating red meat and high cholesterol foods that can aggravate the back pain. Instead eat foods and fruits that are high in fiber.


If you are prone to back pain avoid lifting heavy things. Also do not make sudden movements that can stress your back. If your job involves sitting for long periods of time, then use an ergonomic chair with good back and neck support. When you sit and work your neck and back should be aligned. Walk around frequently. Every one hour just take a short walk around your office for 5 minutes. This will stretch the back and legs and improve blood supply.

High-protein diets may increase risk of kidney disease

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High protein diets have been extremely popular n the recent past especially for weight loss. The lesser known fact about high protein diets is that they are harmful for health in the long run.  Several researches about these diets find that they can cause kidney damage. They even have negative effects on the urinal and renal tract of men and women. Protein s essential for our body, but too much of protein can prove to be harmful for our health. They have several side effects that cannot be combated by the body. A human body can only handle a balanced diet.

Effects of high protein diet

High proteins usually contain excessive amounts of calcium as well. The human body needs only small amounts of calcium on a daily basis which can be supplied by mile and other dairy products. Too much calcium in our diet will form kidney and gall bladder stones. These stones are naturally dissolvable by our body. They stay in the kidneys and the gall bladder and eventually become a pain over a period of time. When the stones move, they cause excessive pain and will have to be removed through surgery or laparoscopy.

Effects of protein on our body

Proteins are the building blocks of our body. But these are not the only ingredients that are required by the body. Protein helps to build muscle in the body but they have no other natural health benefits. Though the human body is made up of 50 percent muscle it still needs other vitamins and minerals to survive. A high level of protein is difficult to be digested by the body and circulated. Excessive amount of protein also blocks other vitamins and minerals from being absorbed into the body.  All the cells in the body are busy absorbing proteins and the excess of it is transferred to the kidneys. Kidneys have a limited capacity of excreting the proteins. The residue is stored in the kidneys and they end up forming stones.

Kidney functions in the body

Kidneys are delicate organs. They need high fiber content in our diet to be able to excrete the waste of the body. A high protein diet is not capable of delivering the fibrous content. Proteins also block the appetite in a person which is the main reason for weight loss. High protein with a moderate amount of exercise will help build lean muscle. At the same time it also weakens the kidney functionalities. When the kidney is not able to function efficiently, it stops excreting the waste out of the body.  To maintain healthy kidneys, you need to have a balanced diet that has proteins, minerals, vitamins and fiber.

How to avoid kidney diseases

Kidneys are the most essential organs of the body and they are as important as the heart. Both the kidneys are essential for a healthy life. Fiber is the main ingredient that the kidney thrives upon. Fiber foods help the kidney to aid in digestion and excretion. Along with fiber one has to consume a lot of water. Water aids the kidneys in functioning properly and also in flushing out toxins and other waste from the body.

Webinar about Indian Hospitals at Harvard Business School

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Indian hospitals and doctors are setting a world class standard in the medical profession.  Costs of medical expenses are much lower compared to any other country.  Indian hospitals have state of the art medical facilities and they use advanced medications to treat diseases. Professor Govindaraj and Ravi Ramamurthy studied the hospitals in India from a closer angle and they speak about how India is able to offer world class medical facilities.

The webinar over all addresses the problems of increasing medical costs in countries like USA and UK. They share some interesting aspects about how health care can be made affordable to people.  They highlight the example of the Indian hospital scenario which is developing consistently despite of the fact that the insurance industry is not accessible for everyone.

The webinar was conducted on Feb 11th, 2014. The speakers of the event are highly regarded for their proficiency in their field of research.  Mr. Vijay Govindarajan is the Earl C. Daum in Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.  Mr. Ravi Ramamurti is a professor of International Business sand Strategy in Northeastern University.

They coauthored the HRB article called  ‘”Delivering World-Class Health Care, Affordably.” This article gives us deep insights about how complicated the medical industry has become. Finally they do highlight the importance to simplify this scenario by learning from countries like India.