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Management Team       

Hospital management is a professionalized field and requires management experts who can deliver the best medical care. Deccan knows this for sure and the top notch management experts working for it perform exceedingly well. Regular interaction with the medical professionals, nursing staff as well as auxiliary and interactions with health care providers, these Deccan managers ensure that the patient is well taken care of since the time of entry till depart.

The Chairman of Deccan, Dr. Surender Reddy along with Mr. Damodar Reddy, Managing Director takes personal initiative in the overall day-today functioning of the hospital.

Deccan is a successful venture both locally well as nationally. Administering health care facilities, maintaining hygienic conditions, ensuring a congenial environ and keeping up the morale of the practicing medical professionals, nursing and auxiliary requires 24hrs vigilance. The concept “service at its best” is strongly adhered to by Deccan.

A holistic approach to treatment is taken into consideration and that entails best management practices as well. In fact, it is difficult to administer treatment if the management is not well streamlined. Since Deccan believes in total involvement in patient’s well-being, the infrastructure within the hospital must not be lacking in any way.

  • Individual attention to the patient.

  • Updated medical technology.

  • Well-equipped treatment facilities.

  • Hygienic environ.

  • Best Kidney dialysis infrastructure.

  • Excellent orthopedic treatment processes.

  •  Latest Gynecological facilities.

  • Other updated disease facilities.

Smooth internal communication and delegation of authority has permitted Deccan managers to perform an excellent job. Constant interaction between them and the medical staff has provided them the opportunity to run the hospital excellently.

Not only treating patients is the end in itself, but the overall functioning of the hospital must be on par with other similar establishments, in fact better. The core principle that Deccan follows in its management principle is “Manage without losing out on personal care and attention to the patient”. This is why Deccan has become so popular. The staff is merely not mechanical in their dealings, but shower much concern on the patient.

Not for Deccan as the management professionals it has hired know their job too well. They burn mid-night oil in order to ensure that Deccan retains its name for being one of the best corporate hospital in Hyderabad.